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Removing a certifier or preparer from TRI-MEweb

Our facility has changed ownership and I need to remove a certifier or preparer that will no longer be involved in submitting TRI forms. How can I do this in TRI-MEweb?

To remove a certifying official or preparer that no longer is authorized to access your facility reporting history in TRI-MEweb, go to the “Manage Facilities” page under Facility Management tab. For the facility you wish to remove a certifying official or preparer, click on the “View/Update Users” link under the “Number of Users with Access” column. To remove access, click on the “Revoke Access” button under the Actions column. EPA recommends that users carefully consider removal of other users, especially certifying officials, to avoid accidental removal. Removal of any certifying official with an active Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA) from the list of authorized users to a facility account in TRI-MEweb will deactivate the ESA. The ESA from the removed certifying official cannot be reactivated by the CDX Helpdesk 45 days after the accidental removal has occurred. If you have accidentally removed a certifying official from your facility profile in TRI-MEweb, please call the CDX Helpdesk to have the ESA reactivated before the 45 days period expires. Certifying officials with expired ESA will be required to re-apply.  Once all changes are complete on the “Manage Users” page, click “Return to Manage Facilities” button.

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