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Indicating reason for revision in TRI-MEweb

In TRI-MEweb, facilities that filed a TRI Form R or Form A may submit a request to revise a previously submitted form. How does a facility indicate the reason for the change?

When submitting a revision to a TRI Form R, TRI-MEweb requires the user to select one of five primary revision reason codes that best describes the reason for the revision. TRI-MEweb also provides the user with the option to select an additional revision reason code that is different from the first. Finally, users will also have the option to provide additional information by typing in the text box about the reason for revising the Form R.

When revising a Form A Certification Statement, only one of the five revision reason codes provided is valid: RR5 - Other Reason(s). In this case, TRI-MEweb will automatically select this revision code.

For step-by-step instructions on how to revise forms in TRI-MEweb, please also view the tutorials in the TRI-MEweb application. Any revisions of TRI reporting forms should also be submitted to the state, tribe, or territory that received the initial TRI report.

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