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How can I change a submitted Form A to a Form R?

For EPCRA §313 TRI reporting, if a covered facility determines that it erroneously submitted a Form A in a given reporting year, can the facility change the Form A to a Form R by submitting a revision?

A TRI-covered facility that submitted a Form A for a given reporting year but later determines that it should have submitted a Form R must withdraw its Form A and submit a Form R for that reporting year as soon as possible. In this case, the withdrawal of the Form A and subsequent submission of a Form R will result in the loss of the original submission date of the Form A. If the Form R is submitted after the deadline for the applicable reporting year then the Form R is considered a late submission.

Additionally, the facility may wish to consult the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Audit Policya policy offering incentives to promote self-disclosure and expeditious correction of violations, to see whether it is applicable to the facility’s situation. Information on the Audit Policy and EPA Audit Policy Contacts is accessible at The TRI Regional Coordinator for your facility should also be able to assist you should you have any questions on TRI reporting or the Audit Policy.

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