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How do you change the name of the facility in TRI-MEweb?

If a facility has previously reported using TRI-MEweb and the name of the facility has changed, how does a preparer change the name of the facility?

Facility information, including name and contact information, must reflect the facility on December 31st of that reporting year. If information for the facility has changed, the preparer will need to update the information in TRI-MEweb. Select the “Facilities Management” tab in TRI-MEweb and then go to the Manage Facilities page. Once there, find your facility in the table and click on Edit in the ‘Take Action’ dropdown menu under the Actions column. Under the ‘Facility Name and Address’ section, click the ‘Edit’ button on the right side of the page. From here, you can edit and save the changes to your facility’s name. Note that the new name will not be completely reflected throughout TRI-MEweb until a form is transmitted and certified with the new facility name. This name change only applies to the reporting year for which the name was changed.

Preparers can also edit facility names while preparing a Form R or Form A Certification Statement, in the “Edit Facility” page.

Alternatively, facilities may submit an e-mail to the TRI Data Processing Center. The e-mail should include the facility name; TRI facility identification number (TRIFID); facility address; technical contact name and telephone number; and the reason for the change (if necessary). Contact information for the TRI DPC is available at the following website:


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