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States participating in State Data Exchange

Facilities that use TRI-MEweb, submit their TRI forms through the Internet via the Central Data Exchange (CDX), and are located in a state participating in the TRI Data Exchange (TDX) will have their TRI forms sent simultaneously to EPA and their state officials via the Environmental Information Exchange Network. Which states are currently participating in the TRI Data Exchange?

All states currently participate in the TRI Data Exchange (TDX).  However, not all Indian tribes participate with TDX.  If your facility is in Indian country, you may need to print out your TRI form and mail it to the Tribal Coordinator.  TRI-MEweb will inform users whether their tribe is participating in the TRI Data Exchange or whether they must submit their forms to their tribe separately (e.g., diskette, paper submission). However, TRI-MEweb will not inform that user of the preferred method of submissions for filers in tribes that do not participate in TRI Data Exchange.  A filer will need to contact their tribe directly ( to determine the preferred method of submission for tribes that do not participate in the TRI Data Exchange.

Note that for submissions, revisions, and withdrawals for Reporting Year 1991 through Reporting Year 2004, all facilities, including those residing in states or tribes participating in the TDX, must report to their states or tribes separately in the required format specified by the state or tribe (e.g., diskette, paper).  TRI-MEweb will not electronically transmit forms for these reporting years to state or tribal officials.

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