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Viewing an electronic Facility Data Profile in TRI-MEweb

How do I use TRI-MEweb to view my electronic facility data profile (eFDP)?

Facilities that submitted non-trade secret TRI forms to EPA for Reporting Years 1991 through the current year can view their receipt and error reports using the following instructions:

  1. A preparer or a certifying official can view their eFDP report by logging into their CDX user account at and clicking “TRI-MEweb” link on their “MyCDX” page to open the TRI-MEweb application in a new browser window.
  2. Navigate to the “eFDP” tab in the TRI-MEweb application. The “eFDP” page organizes all reports by TRIFID, provides a facility profile report, and sorts all chemical forms by reporting year and chemical name. Expand the (+) signs to view a specific report.

If corrective action is required on a TRI form that contains reported errors, the TRI form data can be revised via TRI-MEweb. The eFDP report can no longer be sent to the Data Processing Center to make corrections to your submissions. Instructions for revising TRI data are available in the following FAQ:

How do I revise my data using TRI-MEweb?

Additional details about how to review your eFDP report are provided in the “Review electronic Facility Data Profile” tutorial available at

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