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Are facilities required to report electronically?


EPA requires TRI-covered facilities to submit release and waste management data to EPA, as well as applicable states or tribes.  Are facilities required to report this data electronically?

On August 27, 2013, EPA published a final rule that requires covered facilities to report non-trade-secret TRI forms to EPA using the electronic software provided by the Agency.  This rulemaking also requires facilities to submit all revisions or withdrawals of previously submitted TRI reporting forms electronically via the Internet.  Additionally, EPA will no longer accept submissions, revisions, or withdrawals of TRI reporting forms submitted for reporting years (RYs) prior to 1991.  Facilities that submit trade secret information are excepted from this rule and will continue to submit their trade secret reporting forms and substantiation forms in hard copy.  EPA will also accept revisions or withdrawals of previously submitted trade secret information on paper forms; however, it will no longer allow these revisions or withdrawals for reporting forms dating back prior to RY1991.

This rule became effective on January 21, 2014, and applies for RY2013 (forms due on July 1, 2014) and all prior RYs.  Further information about this rule is available at the following URL:


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