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Benefits of TRI-MEweb

What are the benefits of using TRI-MEweb?

Benefits of Using TRI-MEweb


Certification Module built inside TRI-MEweb

EPA has developed a certification component within the TRI-MEweb application that will allow a facility to prepare any reporting year TRI Form R or Form A Certification Statement and transition directly into the certification process without leaving the TRI-MEweb application.


Real-time Approval Process of Electronic Signature Agreements (ESA) Process

EPA has an alternative method for certifying officials to process an ESA in real-time using a third-party identity verification vendor named LexisNexis. All newly appointed certifying officials will be prompted upon registering for a new CDX account at to consider using a third-party verification and authentication service to obtain their ESA approval in real-time instead of signing, mailing and processing the traditional paper ESA form for EPA approval.

Automatic Updates

TRI-MEweb does not require the download and installation of any software and can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection.

Enhanced Data Quality and Validation Assistance

TRI-MEweb has built-in data quality checks that help facilities validate and correct chemical release data entered.

Facility and Chemical Quick Lists

TRI-MEweb has built-in quick lists to allow users to skip entire sections of the TRI Form R that are not applicable to their facility.

Prior Year Data Preloading

TRI-MEweb stores data from previous reporting years, starting from Reporting Year 2005, for each facility so that users will no longer have to maintain and load the data each year.

Third-Party Load

TRI-MEweb will accept valid XML chemical data files from third party software to expedite multi-chemical reporting. More information.

Search Off-site Transfer Locations

Facilities will be able to search in TRI-MEweb for off-site transfer locations that are POTWs and RCRA sites using location parameter data (name, address, city, state or county, or any combination of these fields).

Water-body Web Service

A GIS tool allows facilities to locate the nearest water body where the chemical release is being reported.

Enhanced Section 8 Calculator

Facilities will automatically have their Section 8 data calculated for them based on what was entered in Sections 5 and 6.

Electronic revisions/withdrawals

TRI-MEweb supports the revision and withdrawal of previously submitted and certified TRI forms filed from Reporting Year 1991 through the present. Please note that withdrawals may be subject to audits conducted by EPA at any time.

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