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How are TRIFIDs established?

How are Toxics Release Inventory Facility Identification Numbers (TRIFID) established?

A TRIFID is established when a facility owner or operator first submits a TRI Form R or Form A Certification Statement for a particular location. The facility retains this identification number even if the facility changes ownership, name, production processes, or NAICS codes. A facility owner or operator that needs to inquire whether the facility’s location has been assigned a TRIFID in past reporting years should contact the CDX Helpdesk at (888) 890-1995 or the Regional TRI Coordinator, or search for the TRIFID or location on the Envirofacts Web site at A facility owner or operator filing a first-time submission should request a TRIFID within TRI-MEweb, and a new TRIFID will be assigned automatically. To request a TRIFID, open TRI-MEweb, select “Facility Management” and click on “Add Facility”. From this page, select the button that states “My facility has not previously reported to TRI”. Before creating your facility, use the search feature to ensure that your facility has not previously reported to TRI.  If you are sure your facility is not listed, use the link “Can’t find your Facility? Click here to create it.” Once the facility has been created, print the TRI-MEweb page that displays your new TRIFID and access key for future reporting.

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