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How do you report source reduction activity information?

If a facility implemented a source reduction activity to help reduce its toxic chemical releases, how does the facility classify the nature of this source reduction activity and elaborate on its potential effect on releases in the Form R?

In order to classify the kind of source reduction activities in which a facility is engaging, the facility must refer to and identify a code from the “Source Reduction Activity Codes” within Section 8.10. EPA encourages reporters who report NA in Section 8.10 to explain any barriers they encountered while trying to implement source reduction activities on-site in 8.11. Additional information and guidance on source reduction activities is available in the TRI Reporting Forms and Instructions.

If a facility wants to submit additional information on its source reduction activities, it may do so in Section 8.11 of the Form R. This section provides an opportunity to publicly comment on the selected source reduction activity codes or highlight any steps the facility took to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals entering the environment. If submitting information in this section, EPA encourages the facility to provide specific, detailed information to encourage other facilities to adopt similar practices and to help TRI data users and the public understand these source reduction activities. For example, facilities could describe how specific release or waste management quantities have changed or might change in the future, which processes and products were affected, and which technologies and materials were used. Facilities can also enter useful URLs such as pollution prevention resources or corporate sustainability pages.

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