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Use of default values in Sections 8.1c, 8.1d, and 8.7

Section 6.1 of the Form R requires covered facilities to indicate how much of a TRI chemical was transferred off site to publicly-owned treatment works (POTWs) during a given reporting year.  Section 8 of the Form R requires facilities to use their best readily available information to determine the final disposition of the toxic chemical initially sent to the POTW and then distribute the amount reported in Section 6.1 among Sections 8.1c, 8.1d, and 8.7, as appropriate.  Beginning with Reporting Year 2013, TRI-MEweb uses chemical-specific default POTW rates to distribute the amounts in Section 8.  Are facilities required to use the default values?

EPCRA requires facilities to submit the most accurate readily available information. If facilities do not have information on the removal and destruction rates for a chemical transferred to a particular POTW, then they may use the chemical-specific default POTW rates provided in TRI-MEweb. TRI-MEweb has assumed the chemical’s ultimate disposition using experimental and estimated data on removal and destruction rates at POTWs compiled by EPA’s Risk-Screen Environmental Indicators (RSEI). The percentages that EPA provides are automatically pre-loaded in TRI-MEweb and are applied to quantities provided in Section 6.1 to assist with Section 8 calculations and as guidance for users who do not know the ultimate disposition of their off-site transfers to POTWs. If the facility has more accurate information readily available on the final disposition of the subject chemical, users should edit the default values and use the more accurate information in place of the default percentages.



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