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Will TRI-MEweb import all prior year data?

In TRI-MEweb, preparers can select the Import Data option to pre-populate the prior year’s reported data from TRI forms into the current year forms. When importing data from prior year forms, does TRI-MEweb import all of the data?

There are some limitations to the data that will be imported from the prior reporting year. Any “Not Applicable” checkboxes will not be checked on any section of the form. Release quantities and basis of estimate for Water Bodies (Section 5.3) and POTWs (Section 6.1) are not imported. Total transfer quantities, basis of estimates, and recovery codes for Off-site Transfer location (Section 6.2 are also not imported. Current and future year totals in Section 8.1-8.7 are also not imported. Section 8.8 of the Form R (catastrophic quantities), Section 8.9 (production and activity ratios), Section 8.10 (source reduction) and the Schedule 1 (dioxin and dioxin-like compounds) prior year entries will not be imported. Data pertaining to numeric basis estimates or rounding values will also not be imported. Finally, any chemical form data reported as mixtures will not be imported.

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