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How does the certification module work in TRI-MEweb?

EPA has developed a certification component within the TRI-MEweb application that will allow a facility to prepare any reporting year TRI Form R or Form A Certification Statement and transition directly into the certification process without leaving TRI-MEweb.

New TRI-ME-web users: There are two user roles involved in the reporting process to EPA of your TRI data: a preparer role and a certifying official role. Both of these TRI roles require creating and having a Central Data Exchange (CDX) user account and adding the TRI-MEweb application to their MyCDX profile. All new certifying officials will need to apply for an Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA) and sign a TRIFID Signature Agreement(s) form for each facility account that is added to TRIMEweb before they are allowed to certify any pending TRI forms.

There are now two options to obtain an ESA.

All pre-existing certifying officials: The certification process is carry-out within the TRI-MEweb application. This import step in the TRI reporting process require all existing certifying officials to add their TRIFID(s) for their facilities into the reporting application. All TRIFID(s) assigned in prior years should already be listed. The certifying official may add any missing TRIFIDs that will transmit TRI forms (without needing to process a new ESA for each) with only digitally signing a single verification statement. If any TRI forms have been sent for certification by the preparer, the forms will appear on the “Pending Forms” page. However, each new TRIFID that is added to TRI-MEweb will require a TRIFID Signature Agreement to be sign to associate it the facility’s TRIFID to the single CDX ESA. Digitally signing the TRIFID Signature Agreement form is done in TRI-MEweb.

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