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Does EPA offer any training for TRI reporting compliance?

EPCRA §313 requires covered facilities to report information on releases and other waste management of TRI-listed chemicals.  Does EPA offer any training for TRI reporting compliance?

EPA has established several trainings that owners or operators of facilities can utilize to gain a basic understanding of TRI applicability and reporting requirements.  The basic concepts course will assist an owner or operator in determining whether the facility is covered by EPCRA §313, and, if it is, for which chemicals the facility must submit a TRI report.  The advanced concepts course covers complex issues related to threshold determinations, TRI reporting, and exemptions; reporting for PBTs (e.g., lead or mercury); and information on chemicals with special TRI reporting considerations (e.g., hydrochloric and sulfuric acid aerosols, ammonia, or metal compounds).  These training resources are available as online modules, PowerPoint slides, or PDF slides.

Training materials and additional information are available at the following URL:

Owners and operators may also contact their respective state or EPA regional TRI contact to determine whether there are additional local training resources.  State and regional contacts are available at the following URL:

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