Frequent Questions

What is TRI.NET?  How can TRI.NET be used to access TRI data?

TRI.NET is EPA’s new desktop application that allows users to create complex queries based on specific variables derived from the TRI National Analysis.  TRI.NET was developed for analysts who require a highly interactive environment in order to refine queries and analyses.  To build queries, users can select variables found in hierarchical folders that cover general variable counts, releases, waste transfers, waste quantities and hazard categories (a generated toxicity rating multiplied by chemical weight in pounds).  After the user selects general variables, the application also allows users to filter out variables, leaving only the most pertinent data points.  TRI.NET utilizes interactive features such as maps, My TRI Neighborhood, Drill Down, Advanced Trends, EPA Reports, and Data Layering; these features allow users to further focus their interests.

Raw data sets from the TRI National Analysis must be downloaded separately from the TRI.NET application; this can be done individually for each year or for a grouping of years.  Each year that EPA releases a new data, the dataset will be available for download.

EPA has created a Quick Start guide, a User’s Guide, and a set of Tutorials that outline the features of TRI.NET and offer general application instructions.  These materials as well as the TRI.NET application itself are available at the following URL:

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