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Certifying official for late submissions and revisions

The owner, operator, or senior management official of a facility must certify TRI forms in TRI-MEweb before submitting the forms to EPA.  For a late submission or revision for a prior reporting year (RY), does the certifying official have to be the individual that certified forms for that particular reporting year?

The current owner, operator, or senior management official can electronically certify and submit the late or revised form through TRI-MEweb regardless of the reporting year.  For revisions, the certifier for the facility does not have to be the same person who certified the original submission.  If a senior management official certifies the forms, the individual must be an official with management responsibility and meet the definition in 40 CFR §372.3 in order to sign and submit TRI forms.  EPA will only accept submissions or revisions for RY 1991 through the current year.  

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